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Since Creative Composites' founding in 1993, innovative solutions using composites and plastics has been the theme. We've done everything from public art to aircraft components. So why, you ask, have we moved to the field of roofing products? Because in 2006, we saw a need for a plastic solution and decided to fill it with Vent Seal Plus.

Our Vent Seal Plus roof collars are the best permanent solution for roof leaks caused by failed rubber vent pipe boots.


Our Collars Are:

  • Durable -ABS plastic collars will last as long as your roof

  • Cost-efficient - A permanent roof leak prevention solution

  • Easy to install - No shingle removal or adhesives required

  • Customer-friendly - Do it yourself in minutes

  • Adaptable to nearly any pipe length

  • Made in the USA

"The product is great! I have recommended it to others for their roofing needs." - John
"Excellent product for a permanent fix until I need a new roof in 20-25 years!!!" - Mark M.

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