What Our Customers are Saying

“I would call it “ Vent Seal Plus” the Plus is the ease of use, low cost, fast shipping, and most of all the $500 Plus it saves over regular boot replacements. My install took 15 minutes for 4 vents.
— Rick D.

"Thanks for all your help. I am spreading the word about your product to friends and co workers. The service you provided and product is top drawer in my opinion. I couldn’t be more satisfied." - Glenn

“Awesome! They work great and are very easy to install! Thank you”
— Albert

"I received the roof vent collars yesterday in the mail. They arrived sooner than expected. Thanks. My roof was not leaking but I could see how easily it could leak with the original rubber collars starting to deteriorate. I installed all three vent collars and was very pleased how easily they went on and especially how effective the design and quality is. I put them on just in time for a rainstorm to hit here in Seattle. I will certainly recommend them to friends." - Greg

"I purchased a couple of your collars and installed them on our old house. I was so happy with how they performed that I’m buying them again to put on our new house. - Jeff

"I put the new collar on this afternoon. It fit nice and tight. I tested it with the hose and it seemed to work. I think we are expecting rain soon. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for working with me." - Gene

"I just received my collars. Wow what a great idea. Installed four of them in 5 minutes. Who ever came up with this is a genius. I'll be telling all my homeowner friends about these things, incredible idea. Thanks a million." - Mike

"Thank you! I installed them today. I definitely LOVE the way the item advertised fit."

The product was great and the delivery time was excellent.
— Naomi

"I've already told a few people about it. Thanks again!" - Craig

"The product was great and the delivery time was excellent. Ordered on Friday and had the product by Monday. I would highly recommend creative composite to anyone. My son in law installed today, quick and easy." - Naomi

"Your products arrived yesterday and I installed them today. It took less than 15 minutes to install all five of them. Thank you. Also thanks for the fast delivery. - Cosmo

"It took me about 30 seconds to put the thing on. It seems to work perfectly. I want to thank you very much. I hope you have a lot of success in your business. - Bob

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