Roof Vent Collars

Vent Seal Plus

Say Goodbye!

To Leaky Roof Pipes...

If your roof is older than five years, the rubber boots, tape, or mastic will start showing degradation. The leaks associated with vent pipes can slowly or quickly degrade the condition of your ceiling. The Vent Seal Plus collar provides a permanent seal that practically anyone can install.

If you are a roofing professional, you are aware of the tendency for rubber boots to fail. Certainly your customer deserves a dependable seal around their plumbing vents. Preventive maintenance is important. Let your competition be the ones to use electrical tape or mastic, while you bank your reputation on an ABS collar that lasts as long as the pipe.

Vent Seal Plus provides:

  • A Permanent Do It Yourself Roof Leak Prevention - Stops Future Leaks

  • Installs in minutes - No Tools or Adhesives Required

  • Can be installed on wet or dry roofs

  • Highly Durable, long Lasting materials that will not degrade over time

Also available online at and The Home Depot